Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Is Vishwaroopam caught in political chessboard?

Chennai witnessed protests by TMMK-Muslim during the 2nd Week of September 2012 .  The protests were directed at the US Embassy and against the Movie produced in USA.  The protests continued for few days, on 19th September 2012 it turned violence, the protests were organized by TMMK & 20 other Muslim outfits including Viduthalai Chiruthai Katchi  whose leader is an MP & close to UPA Chairperson through DMK Supremo. 

TN political situation is witnessing a change, recently PMK –An OBC party, started a movement to consolidate the OBC’s in the state.

The ‘Political Chanakya’  of DMK  has chance of losing his traditional voters to ADMK, other parties due family feuds & corruption issue. VCK as a party is also fast losing its credibility due to violent protests, attacks  & highly critical comments on other communities.

Enter Vishwaroopam,  movie based on Af-Pak, obviously portraying Jihad.  Kamalhassan has scripted, Directed & Acted in the movie.  All seemed to be well till he planned to preview the movie through DTH in India,  few hours before it hit the cinema.  The Cinema owners in TN, who have always been organized very well opposed the DTH preview.  There was also news that DTH providers could not effectively market the movie.  At last Kamal Hassan decided to release the movie on 23rd Jan 2013, in TN all through theatres & DTH simulataneously.   At this juncture another Muslim outfit called Tamilnadu Thouheed Jamat (TNJT) & other groups protested against portraying of Muslims as terrorists in the Movie,  submitted petition to ban the movie.  The TN Govt.  banned the movie for 15 days, after which most of us have been following the news about Vishwaroopam, huge amount of support from all sides for KamalHassan.  As usual the TN Govt. led by Jayalalitha has been at the receiving end from the film industry, opposition parties & general public.  The usual rhetoric of JJ being arrogant, rumors of her banning the movie due to Kamal’s statement on PC, that Kamal had promised TV rights to Jaya TV, later sealed the deal with Vijay TV & more.

Media, Celebrities & prominent citizens have come down heavily on JJ, with all sort of remarks which we always hear when she is the CM.

Now there are two possibilities, First –Lift the ban.

All the media, Film industry and Rights folks will be happy.  Movie will be screened,  Muslim outfits will protest & mostly turn violent.  Police may have to use force to control the riots/mobs, which in turn to more virulent campaign & may become a Law & Order issue. Don’t be surprised if the same protests are synchronized across India.  JJ losses vote bank, LS
Second possibility, continue with the ban, keep the protestors at bay, but the whole film industry, media & Rights folk will keep hollering of their ‘Artisitic’ Rights being suppressed.

Both the possibilities will not be favorable for Jayalalitha.  Either way she gets the end of the stick.

Who can script such an episode?   If anyone in India can, it can be one & Only ‘Political Chanakya’ .

VCK is part of DMK alliance with Cong in UPA.  VCK instigates the Muslim Organizations,  this is a double edged sword for JJ. Have to handle with care.

Ban the movie –All of our activists, Film industry, common man blame JJ of being arrogant, stifling democracy.

Screen the movie- JJ can be dismissed for Law & order, action against minority groups & loss of Vote bank during LS 2014.

Kamal Hassan is enacting the script very well, after he is ‘Ulaga Nayagan’.

This is my perception, love the brickbats.


  1. Muslim outfits will protest & mostly turn violent. Police may have to use force to control the riots/mobs, which in turn to more virulent campaign & may become a Law & Order issue.
    you mean to TN muslims are Taliban while Kerala muslims are actually RSS? how come its runnin there? Andhra, and Karnataka?
    Its the job of the F**** govt. to maintain law and order under all conditions. Otherwise she can put in her papers, go to Kadanad and sleep. who cares?

    1. Why there were protests im Chennai in Sep, 2012 agst US and not in Kerala? Organised trouble makers can have their own games. Kerala is run by Cong Govt for your info.

  2. I can only laugh at your manipulative thinking. Look who is protesting? Are they politically aligned DMK or ADMK?.Dear supporter of J you can only fool a common man so much!

  3. I can only laugh at your manipulative thinking. Look who is protesting? Are they politically aligned DMK or ADMK?.Dear supporter of J you can only fool a common man so much!

  4. LOL! Funny comments on this post. Funnier than the jokes on Panchathanthiram :) Maintaining LnO in all conditions even an Arab world couldn't achieve. Or this guy/gal believes only in Postmortem?

    Lesser said about a Democracy (Sickular one) the better. And to my namesake, please check facts before you challenge whom the protesters are aligned to? Or was it a question to be answered. I don't live in TN but stand vindicated that compared to those with a jaundice eyed view seeing everything as Yellow, I am far better off.

  5. I care two hoots to the protests. Vishwaroopam must be screened and the people must see the movie. Why should the Muslims feel offended of the Movie or parts of the Movie unless they feel awfully guilty of themselves of the actions and deeds portrayed in the Movie? Why should fringe groups, who have hardly seen a foot of the movie come out in the open and incite violent protests? There is a purpose to the entire satire being enacted. For one, it is a very well planned move on the part of the instigator of the protest. Not only has it brought about more than sufficient propaganda for the Movie but has also brought to limelight existence of fundamental fringe groups within Tamil Nadu, who hiterto had no public identity. These guys have made a fall.

    But what extremely baffles me is the fact that a JJ Govt fell for this threat. Under normal circumstance, JJ would have gone through with the protests with an iron fist. To succumb to this unusual threat so to speak from fundamental fringe groups merely based on vote banks is beyond belief. And JJ does not need this vote bank for her political sustenance nor does she need this lot for the forthcoming LS elections. She knows far too well that this is a community who, however much you coax and cajole, will go by a prescribed diktat that is stipulated in their parochial dogma. And that JJ is not taking active action against these hooligans is a point to ponder.

    Let us hope that better sense prevails and the Movie is shown to the public as it is rather than a cut version.

    #JAI HIND.

  6. Anna avoid using term Chanakya to define crooks, or else some Hindu fanatics May raise objection on this and May make hay out of this.. You can count me in one of those fanatics as well ;)


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