Friday, 27 September 2013

26th Sep 2013 - Revival of Nationalism in Tamilnadu?

For more than 50 years now Tamilnadu has been ruled by either one of the Dravidian parties, with the national parties partnering along with them for their fortunes in the State Assembly.

26th September 2013, Trichy saw a crowd of around 4 lakh citizen’s from across Tamilandu attending the ‘Ilam Thamarai Manadu’  (Young Lotus Conference) – a meeting organised by Tamilandu Bharatiya Yuva Morcha(BJYM).  Of course the Hero of the show was Thiru. Narendra Bhai Modi , whose presence made all the difference.

The people of Tamilandu have realised that Dravidian movement and its parties have only been sharing power among themselves for 50 yrs, but has not developed the state and its citizen. 
The major change we felt sitting part of the dedicated crowds was electrifying. They listened to Rajnath Singh ji speaking in Hindi & though it was translated by H.Raja, there was not a murmur of protest.

The final speaker being Narendra Bhai Modi, there was pin drop silence when he spoke, First a few sentences in Tamil, when the crowd roared , then in English, but then when he started addressing in Hindi, there was pin drop silence, attentively listened,  though they did not understand the language, seems the understood the content. Again the whole speech was translated by Shri.H.Raja, who did accomplishing the task. 

When Narendra Bhai questioned them ‘Whether PM Should enter into dialogue with Pakistan, when our Jawans were being killed by Pakistani Soliders’, the crowd in unison chanted ‘NO’. And the climax was ‘Vande Mataram’ Chant, the reverberating sound should have reached all the divisive interests.

This is the first time if I remember right , the people of Tamilnadu were addressed by a National leader in Hindi, even Shri.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had spoken in English.

Change is imminent in any society, Tamilnadu having been under the spell of Dravidian movement for over 50 years,  whose citizen’s had been forced ‘oppose’ Hindi to isolate them from Nationalist thinking , have now decided to be part of their Proud Nation Bharat.  Change is visible to all, the need to galvanize these voices into votes and elected members who will deliver for the citizen.

The coming months and the 2014 elections will be very interesting in Tamilnadu.  There is huge undercurrent which is consolidating the Voter to the development plank of Shri.Narendra Bhai Modi

Now the biggest question arises, Is the TN BJP leadership ready to be part of the change?  Have they understood the aspirations of the people of Tamilnadu? Do they have a strong second, third rung of leadership and highly committed cadre to address this change?  Or Will the State leaders in the party be satisfied to play second fiddle to the Dravidian Parties? 
Citizen’s are ready, its upto  TNBJP to reciprocate or ignore the signals.

JaiBharat…. Vande Mataram.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sacrilege by Pondicherry Govt. - Allocating Temple lands for Arrack & Toddy Shops

Government of Pondicherry , its Dept. of Revenue & Disaster Management through their Extraordinary Gazette No. 7052/DCE/T(P)/AUC/2013-14(1). dt. 3rd June 2013  promulgated to auction those licenses which were renewed for the period 1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014.  The original Gazette in Tamil can be read here Gazette Notification .

Thanks to vigilant groups, it has been highlighted that 19 shops are in temple lands.  The temple lands have been leased out by HR&CE Department for operating Arrack & Toddy Shops. Thanks to Ranjit'ji who quickly compiled the list List of Shops with Details . 

Shri.T.R.Ramesh (@TRRamesh) has already put in process to fight this legally.  

Bharatiya we need all your support to stop such sacrilege's against Temples, hurting billions of Hindu sentiments. These shops will be nuisance to the temple worshipers & this will be used by greedy ones to occupy the land. 

Bharatiya unite & let us voice our protest to Hon'ble CM Pondy  & Minister Thiru Thiagarajan's Mail ID . Dhanyavaadah to @surnec1974 for providing the mail id's.

Unite for the cause of our Temples. 

JaiBharat...Vande Mataram


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dravidian Movement-– The Origin

Equality to all or Brahmin Bashing - Justice Party –Tamilnadu

Justice Party founded in 1916 in Madras presidency were the founding fathers of Dravidian Movement . The Justice Party was founded on the principles of fighting against Brahmin Community, as the Brahmins were employed in the Government  &  purported to be controlling the governance,  subduing the other communities.

Why were Brahmins employed in the Government?  After losing out on their traditional profession’s, in the aftermath of Mughal Invasion & devastation of Temples, was patronized by the Hindu Rulers till the Hindu Rulers were also dismembered by the English Imperialists.  The Brahmins had no other profession & survival was through a job by undergoing English education, the affluent of the Brahmins entered professional courses, becoming Lawyers/Doctors.  This was more of survival instinct prevalent in human.    

Getting back to Justice Party,  which was the start of Dravidian Movement in Tamilnadu, a few points which need to be stated, as they were stated to be the upholders of the right of suppressed communities of the society.
First & foremost any party the founders & its members will speak about the class constitution of the Political Party.
Founding Fathers of Justice Party :  
“Sir” P. Thyagaraya Chettiar, “Rajah Sir” Annamalai Chettiar, “Rajah Sir” Muthiah Chettiar, “Sir” Pitie Rajan Pillai, and a host of others. Invariably all these were “knighted” by the British Crown even as the freedom fighters were fighting for freedom. 1

‘Host of Others’ – Leaders of Justice Party

King of Panagal, Popoli Raja, Chellapalli Kumara Raja, Tholprol Zamindar, Venkatagiri Raja, Elavarasanthal Zamindar, Uttukulli Zamindar, Singampatti Zamindar, Thothappa Naickunoor Zamindar, Kurvikullam Zamindar, Pudukottai Rajkumar were the frontline leaders.

In 1917, Chennai hosted the Justice Party meeting which was attended by the following Royals:   

“Sir” P. Thyagaraya Chettiar – Famous Businessman, “Sir” Pitie Rajan Pillai – Landlord, “Rajah Sir” Muthiah Chettiar – Money lender, “Rao Bahadur” R.Venkatarathinam Naidu, “Sir” K.V.Reddy, “Rao Sahib” Venkataratinam Naidu, “Rao Bahadur” Surya Narayana Thirumalai Mudaliar, “Sir” A.B. Padre, Medai Thalavai Thirumalaiappa Mudiliar- Landlord, “Divan Bahadur” Kobathi Narayana Chettiar, “Sir” A.Ramasami Mudiliar, “Divan Bahadur” Kumarasamy Reddiar, “Sir” A.D. Pannerselvam, Pattiveeranpatti Soundarapandya Nadar – Landlord. 2

The above mentioned people belonged to strata of society which was not aware of the problems of the deprived class.

This post is the start of the series on Dravidian Movement/Ideology & hope to provide the readers with why Tamilnadu is such a segregated society. The Curse of Dravidian Ideology .
1.      1. Brahmins & Tamil Society : 
2. Page 43/44 of Dravida Maye by  Shri Subbu.

Jai Bharat....Vande Mataram

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Is Vishwaroopam caught in political chessboard?

Chennai witnessed protests by TMMK-Muslim during the 2nd Week of September 2012 .  The protests were directed at the US Embassy and against the Movie produced in USA.  The protests continued for few days, on 19th September 2012 it turned violence, the protests were organized by TMMK & 20 other Muslim outfits including Viduthalai Chiruthai Katchi  whose leader is an MP & close to UPA Chairperson through DMK Supremo. 

TN political situation is witnessing a change, recently PMK –An OBC party, started a movement to consolidate the OBC’s in the state.

The ‘Political Chanakya’  of DMK  has chance of losing his traditional voters to ADMK, other parties due family feuds & corruption issue. VCK as a party is also fast losing its credibility due to violent protests, attacks  & highly critical comments on other communities.

Enter Vishwaroopam,  movie based on Af-Pak, obviously portraying Jihad.  Kamalhassan has scripted, Directed & Acted in the movie.  All seemed to be well till he planned to preview the movie through DTH in India,  few hours before it hit the cinema.  The Cinema owners in TN, who have always been organized very well opposed the DTH preview.  There was also news that DTH providers could not effectively market the movie.  At last Kamal Hassan decided to release the movie on 23rd Jan 2013, in TN all through theatres & DTH simulataneously.   At this juncture another Muslim outfit called Tamilnadu Thouheed Jamat (TNJT) & other groups protested against portraying of Muslims as terrorists in the Movie,  submitted petition to ban the movie.  The TN Govt.  banned the movie for 15 days, after which most of us have been following the news about Vishwaroopam, huge amount of support from all sides for KamalHassan.  As usual the TN Govt. led by Jayalalitha has been at the receiving end from the film industry, opposition parties & general public.  The usual rhetoric of JJ being arrogant, rumors of her banning the movie due to Kamal’s statement on PC, that Kamal had promised TV rights to Jaya TV, later sealed the deal with Vijay TV & more.

Media, Celebrities & prominent citizens have come down heavily on JJ, with all sort of remarks which we always hear when she is the CM.

Now there are two possibilities, First –Lift the ban.

All the media, Film industry and Rights folks will be happy.  Movie will be screened,  Muslim outfits will protest & mostly turn violent.  Police may have to use force to control the riots/mobs, which in turn to more virulent campaign & may become a Law & Order issue. Don’t be surprised if the same protests are synchronized across India.  JJ losses vote bank, LS
Second possibility, continue with the ban, keep the protestors at bay, but the whole film industry, media & Rights folk will keep hollering of their ‘Artisitic’ Rights being suppressed.

Both the possibilities will not be favorable for Jayalalitha.  Either way she gets the end of the stick.

Who can script such an episode?   If anyone in India can, it can be one & Only ‘Political Chanakya’ .

VCK is part of DMK alliance with Cong in UPA.  VCK instigates the Muslim Organizations,  this is a double edged sword for JJ. Have to handle with care.

Ban the movie –All of our activists, Film industry, common man blame JJ of being arrogant, stifling democracy.

Screen the movie- JJ can be dismissed for Law & order, action against minority groups & loss of Vote bank during LS 2014.

Kamal Hassan is enacting the script very well, after he is ‘Ulaga Nayagan’.

This is my perception, love the brickbats.