Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sacrilege by Pondicherry Govt. - Allocating Temple lands for Arrack & Toddy Shops

Government of Pondicherry , its Dept. of Revenue & Disaster Management through their Extraordinary Gazette No. 7052/DCE/T(P)/AUC/2013-14(1). dt. 3rd June 2013  promulgated to auction those licenses which were renewed for the period 1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014.  The original Gazette in Tamil can be read here Gazette Notification .

Thanks to vigilant groups, it has been highlighted that 19 shops are in temple lands.  The temple lands have been leased out by HR&CE Department for operating Arrack & Toddy Shops. Thanks to Ranjit'ji who quickly compiled the list List of Shops with Details . 

Shri.T.R.Ramesh (@TRRamesh) has already put in process to fight this legally.  

Bharatiya we need all your support to stop such sacrilege's against Temples, hurting billions of Hindu sentiments. These shops will be nuisance to the temple worshipers & this will be used by greedy ones to occupy the land. 

Bharatiya unite & let us voice our protest to Hon'ble CM Pondy  & Minister Thiru Thiagarajan's Mail ID . Dhanyavaadah to @surnec1974 for providing the mail id's.

Unite for the cause of our Temples. 

JaiBharat...Vande Mataram