Sunday, 29 August 2010

Where is Opposition??

This week was filled with mixed news on highly emotional issues like TOI news which really hurt lots of Hindus, Home minister blabbering about 'Saffron Terrorism' at the meetings of top Police officers in the country, then addressing the same audience our PM mentioned about 'Non State Actors' involved in India. Both the PM and HM seems to have some agenda when they uttered these words, its not a natural utterance, but planned words properly placed in front of an apt audience.  Now in tandem the TN CM mentioned while meeting police officials, that they should ensure that no one should complain of police excess since elections were around the corner and opposition was playing mischief against his Govt.  Well something extraordinary happened, the whole media beamed the crown prince Raul's visit to Odisha to address the tribals, denying Vedanta group mining at the same time projecting himself as the saviour of the tribals.  Well the media discussed the whole issue in length for days.  Even BDutt made her intentions very clear by supporting the separatist, stifling the voice of Nationalist Kashmiris. All these and few more things of course the Spice Bollywood covered by media.  
But no media reported on the ongoing intrusion of china in Gilgit-Balitastan bordering LOC, of course invited by their partners in progress Pakistan and an vital area of concern for our Nation. Today Dada mentioned this on tweet and thanks to Sathyabhasham for the link, i will re produce a portion of the article in Forbes.
When India tested nuclear bombs in 1998, its leaders hailed it as some sort of a scarecrow that would deter its enemies from adopting aggressive designs. But ironically, the last 12 years have seen an increase in hostility against India. Its sphere of influence has shrunk as neighbours yield to the Chinese temptation. Amorphous, boundary-less terrorist networks have become powerful adversaries in their own right. Naxal violence has removed any semblance of governance in wide areas and home-grown Jihadists are proliferating. The problems are too many but there is no clarity on what long-term strategies the government has developed to face them. Here are seven worst-case scenarios that India must prepare for, though some are low probability. 
Courtesy: Forbes India Magazine : 

 A must read article, which elaborates on the dangers our Nation is currently facing internally and externally. Chinese/Pak intrusion in North West, Maoist menace, Fundamentalist gaining prominence in Kerala et al. The Congress party which is in power for the last 7 yrs has allowed disintegration of governance. There seems to be no strategy the Govt. is following. The media which all along claims they are secular and report issues of importance have not bothered to highlight the China Pak tie up and infiltration, but is very keen to report on 'Saffron Terror', 'Azad Kashmir', 'Raul as Avata' but not anything about the Chinese plans..Even the BJP seems to be inclined to silence on almost all issues. They are fast loosing on the opportunity to question the ruling party and the Govt on its follies. The Nationalist spirit seems to be diminishing within the BJP, they are mimicking the Cong these days. So without an strong opposition and a media which is at the feet of the Cong masters, UPA-2 may get away with destroying the fabric of this country.. Pray all our Nationalist brethren join hands to form an opposition...Jai Hind ...Vande Mataram 

Monday, 2 August 2010

Pseudo Secular Politics- Islamic Agression continues

The two articles which caught attention i submit a glimpse of both of them. We as responsible citizens of our Nation, who uphold our Dharma, has to unify & act against these Pseudo Secular politics & media. With unrest, mob violence becoming the order of the day, these two articles become quite relevant...
There are over 30 mln Bangladeshi illegal infiltrators living in various parts of India especially in the capital city Delhi and other places. In Mumbai alone there are over 90,000 Pakistan is illegally living there. All these are hosted by their co-religionists and protected and courted by vote-hunting “secular” parties.Many of them have gained ration cards and entered into electoral rolls. As though to finally make them citizens of this country, as never before, the Census of India 2011 has planned to have a National Population Register (NPR). The instructions to the enumerator say that the place of birth as well as nationality as stated by the person should be accepted without any question. Also any person who has lived more than 6 months before the time of enumeration and who intends to live for more than 6 months after enumeration, is entitled to be enlisted in the NPR. This NPR will be the basis for giving the Unique Identification number as per the grand project of the GOI. Now what will happen is based upon this UID and NPR the illegal residents of India will be enabled to get citizenship of this country . This is going to be a disaster for the country. The UPA-2 government is conferring citizenship to all the illegal Bangladeshi & Pakistani Muslim infiltrators. Adding to the furious proliferation by having the large number of children, the legalized illegals will swell the ranks of Muslims and their population ratio may rise from the preindependence level of 10% to over 25%.Can there be any act which can be more detrimental and opposed to the interest of this country? 
Courtesy: - Secularism Combat July 2010 Page 1
Alarming for our Nation, with Pre Independence level, the Muslim's are demanding 10% reservation, now with 25% they would demand create unrest more often, the more militant groups would swell ranks & make our Nation retreat its Economic Growth. The second article cited below is how the UPA-2 with its SICular policies are promoting Jihad colonies, inside our Nation.
Dr. Ambedkers Warning  
Reproduced below is a part of the speech that Dr Ambedkar delivered just before the Constitution of India was adopted. He feared that India would be losing freedom by the unpatriotic and treacherous actions of its own people in places of power. Even as we face a demographic onslaught by one class of people from within India , the “secular” governments are inviting foreigners as in the past to extinguish the independence of this  country. The UPA government is developing 90 districts in the country as Muslim districts by spending 15% of the 11th Five Year Plan’s funds . These will become mini-Pakistans heralding the undoing of the integration of over 600 States into the Indian Republic achieved by the great patriot Sardar Patel.
 Courtesy: - Secularism Combat July 2010 Page 15

Quite alarming situation 15% of our Plan expenditure goes towards 10% of population who do not see Bharath as their motherland & an intolerant lot.. Even the BJP, RSS & the so called Hindu parties seem to be silent & tagging along with the Govt. policies. Internet Hindus, wake up & unite to build opinion for the cause of Bharath or else Santana Dharma will be doomed.
Jai Hind..Vande Mataram