Monday, 21 November 2011

Numerous Numbers, One Citizen

This post was initiated due to my fathers persistent phone calls to enroll the whole of the family in UID.  He has been behind me for the last 3 weeks, even told my daughter that her father was not responsible & he should immediately apply for UID.

Well when he mentioned UID, the 1st thing i did was download the form. A single sheet with very simple inputs, Part C mentions that i could link my existing bank account 'and i have no objection to the issue' - Now this made me think, are these forms of developed by people who wants to create a Central Repository with biometric, et al. This looks like a local finance company trying to woo depositors with high interest rate & sure of closing down when the time comes.

The total spending of UID till Sep'11 as per their declaration is 468.91 Cr. against their budget allocation of 1470 Cr.  All these financial details are from,

UID, if I remember right, was started in the lines of Social Security No. in USA, our ' IT leaders' saw this as a great opportunity to ensure our citizens are all listed & Social cover provided with no leakages, directly linking bank accounts of beneficiary.

NREGA for the last few years have expended close to more than 1 lac Cr. but less than 2 lac Cr., Other welfare schemes of UPA would have been worth another 1 lac Cr., (conservative estimate). 

As a citizen of this 'Growing' Bharat, I have 'PAN Card'-IT dept, A Bank Account No., Voters ID-'Election Commission No.', Driving Licence No. , Passport No.,  PDS card. Have tried & listed 6 of them, but we might have more depending on the geography.

Bharat GDP flourished on Services sector for the last decade- 2000-2010, which includes IT sector, our society has enjoyed the benefits of IT revolution, our Middle class has grown because of this class.  We are most sought after IT professionals in the world as of date. Does that also mean that our IT companies use these resource to make huge profits?  We have a huge resource available in IT industry, which could have been used by the Govt. of India.

Now wonder if 40k Cr. was available, could we have not computerized the census data?
Once the Census data, which is physically verified is computerized, could we not generate UID nos., to these people. Only wonder if we have sent govt. employees to verify data in each & every household, it could have been right if they also carried all the information which is required for the other departments.  

UID is just another ploy by this Government to use Nitin N, as he was wasted by his own company, today they are commanding situations to fool people. UID is an exercise just to transfer the Treasury money from central to these cards/bank accounts, purely for VOTE BANK POLITICS.

Hope Bharatiya realize this....

Jai Bharat ...Vande Mataram