Friday, 27 September 2013

26th Sep 2013 - Revival of Nationalism in Tamilnadu?

For more than 50 years now Tamilnadu has been ruled by either one of the Dravidian parties, with the national parties partnering along with them for their fortunes in the State Assembly.

26th September 2013, Trichy saw a crowd of around 4 lakh citizen’s from across Tamilandu attending the ‘Ilam Thamarai Manadu’  (Young Lotus Conference) – a meeting organised by Tamilandu Bharatiya Yuva Morcha(BJYM).  Of course the Hero of the show was Thiru. Narendra Bhai Modi , whose presence made all the difference.

The people of Tamilandu have realised that Dravidian movement and its parties have only been sharing power among themselves for 50 yrs, but has not developed the state and its citizen. 
The major change we felt sitting part of the dedicated crowds was electrifying. They listened to Rajnath Singh ji speaking in Hindi & though it was translated by H.Raja, there was not a murmur of protest.

The final speaker being Narendra Bhai Modi, there was pin drop silence when he spoke, First a few sentences in Tamil, when the crowd roared , then in English, but then when he started addressing in Hindi, there was pin drop silence, attentively listened,  though they did not understand the language, seems the understood the content. Again the whole speech was translated by Shri.H.Raja, who did accomplishing the task. 

When Narendra Bhai questioned them ‘Whether PM Should enter into dialogue with Pakistan, when our Jawans were being killed by Pakistani Soliders’, the crowd in unison chanted ‘NO’. And the climax was ‘Vande Mataram’ Chant, the reverberating sound should have reached all the divisive interests.

This is the first time if I remember right , the people of Tamilnadu were addressed by a National leader in Hindi, even Shri.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had spoken in English.

Change is imminent in any society, Tamilnadu having been under the spell of Dravidian movement for over 50 years,  whose citizen’s had been forced ‘oppose’ Hindi to isolate them from Nationalist thinking , have now decided to be part of their Proud Nation Bharat.  Change is visible to all, the need to galvanize these voices into votes and elected members who will deliver for the citizen.

The coming months and the 2014 elections will be very interesting in Tamilnadu.  There is huge undercurrent which is consolidating the Voter to the development plank of Shri.Narendra Bhai Modi

Now the biggest question arises, Is the TN BJP leadership ready to be part of the change?  Have they understood the aspirations of the people of Tamilnadu? Do they have a strong second, third rung of leadership and highly committed cadre to address this change?  Or Will the State leaders in the party be satisfied to play second fiddle to the Dravidian Parties? 
Citizen’s are ready, its upto  TNBJP to reciprocate or ignore the signals.

JaiBharat…. Vande Mataram.


  1. Well narrated Sir.. Its high time like minded people come together for a good cause

  2. Braving the heat, 4 lakh people willingly pay Rs 10 and hear a political speech in Hindi in Tamilnadu - gives us hope

  3. Even DK, JJ and other local political parties will now be forced thinking back on their strategy and work on development plank which has been successfully implemented by Sri Narendra modiji

  4. I still remember the day nearly a year back, when i left the Chennai to Pune for my new project. I asked the Cab driver who was taking me to CMBT bus station. I asked him whom you will see as PM for the next term, Modi or Rahul. He outrightly said its Modi and to congress he will never vote when he thinks for Nation till his last breathe.

    Namo is d last hope India have now.

  5. shall one read this as , BJP is not going to have alliance with Dravidan parites in TN for 2014 elections

  6. Excellent Article Swamin...Time has come for TN to move forward and merge with Nationalism...

  7. Besides the quality of the individuals selected for LS seats, BJP will need to project them in a way that clearly shows the contrast with alternatives (DMK, AIDMK, MDMK etc). Distinctiveness is really important. And on top of that, one has to make a compelling narrative on why the party/candidates is better than the alternatives. The narrative can range from short slogans to more considered, detailed justifications. But the messaging needs to be consistent, distinctive, and positive. In TN, voting for BJP is the risky one has to create reasons on why such a choice is imperative both in terms of gains as well as avoidance of steep losses (people make risky choices when faced with certain negative outcomes).


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