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Dravidian Movement-– The Origin

Equality to all or Brahmin Bashing - Justice Party –Tamilnadu

Justice Party founded in 1916 in Madras presidency were the founding fathers of Dravidian Movement . The Justice Party was founded on the principles of fighting against Brahmin Community, as the Brahmins were employed in the Government  &  purported to be controlling the governance,  subduing the other communities.

Why were Brahmins employed in the Government?  After losing out on their traditional profession’s, in the aftermath of Mughal Invasion & devastation of Temples, was patronized by the Hindu Rulers till the Hindu Rulers were also dismembered by the English Imperialists.  The Brahmins had no other profession & survival was through a job by undergoing English education, the affluent of the Brahmins entered professional courses, becoming Lawyers/Doctors.  This was more of survival instinct prevalent in human.    

Getting back to Justice Party,  which was the start of Dravidian Movement in Tamilnadu, a few points which need to be stated, as they were stated to be the upholders of the right of suppressed communities of the society.
First & foremost any party the founders & its members will speak about the class constitution of the Political Party.
Founding Fathers of Justice Party :  
“Sir” P. Thyagaraya Chettiar, “Rajah Sir” Annamalai Chettiar, “Rajah Sir” Muthiah Chettiar, “Sir” Pitie Rajan Pillai, and a host of others. Invariably all these were “knighted” by the British Crown even as the freedom fighters were fighting for freedom. 1

‘Host of Others’ – Leaders of Justice Party

King of Panagal, Popoli Raja, Chellapalli Kumara Raja, Tholprol Zamindar, Venkatagiri Raja, Elavarasanthal Zamindar, Uttukulli Zamindar, Singampatti Zamindar, Thothappa Naickunoor Zamindar, Kurvikullam Zamindar, Pudukottai Rajkumar were the frontline leaders.

In 1917, Chennai hosted the Justice Party meeting which was attended by the following Royals:   

“Sir” P. Thyagaraya Chettiar – Famous Businessman, “Sir” Pitie Rajan Pillai – Landlord, “Rajah Sir” Muthiah Chettiar – Money lender, “Rao Bahadur” R.Venkatarathinam Naidu, “Sir” K.V.Reddy, “Rao Sahib” Venkataratinam Naidu, “Rao Bahadur” Surya Narayana Thirumalai Mudaliar, “Sir” A.B. Padre, Medai Thalavai Thirumalaiappa Mudiliar- Landlord, “Divan Bahadur” Kobathi Narayana Chettiar, “Sir” A.Ramasami Mudiliar, “Divan Bahadur” Kumarasamy Reddiar, “Sir” A.D. Pannerselvam, Pattiveeranpatti Soundarapandya Nadar – Landlord. 2

The above mentioned people belonged to strata of society which was not aware of the problems of the deprived class.

This post is the start of the series on Dravidian Movement/Ideology & hope to provide the readers with why Tamilnadu is such a segregated society. The Curse of Dravidian Ideology .
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2. Page 43/44 of Dravida Maye by  Shri Subbu.

Jai Bharat....Vande Mataram

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