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For the Students, By the Students, Of The Students

இனியொரு விதி செய்வோம் -- அதை
எந்த நாளும் காப்போம்” – Mahakavi Subramania Bharati

Maithri Educational Centre

Maithri Educational Centre is a Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust’s students initiative, mentored by Shri. R.Shreedhar, founder Trustee of Maithri Trust.  It has been a practice in Maithri Trust, to monitor the scores of the students sponsored by the Trust.  Students would provide a photocopy of the marksheets whenever they used to visit Shri.Shreedhar, to collect their term fees.  Couple of years back Shri.Shreedhar found that the scoring was low, even with bright students, this prompted him to think of coaching students.  The 1st Step towards it was to get the students who were to appear for Board Exams (Xth & XIIth),  to appear, write model exams which could expose them to the actual pattern of Board Exams. The same was discussed with Maithri Trust senior student’s undergoing their College studies, who readily helped in preparing the Question papers, Answer sheets, which would resemble the examination pattern.  They took interest in designing the Question papers with their recent experience of having undergone the Board Exams.  The prospective students were made to appear for these model exams, and feedback was provided by the senior students on areas of improvement, presentation during the Board exams including all minor details.
Was this enough for the students to score well in their Board Exams?  Obviously this helped them to ease their tension, made them knowledgeable of the practices & could prepare a few important Questions, based on these efforts.
Shri.Shreedar was also worried that there were many students sponsored by the trust who were not able to cope up with the studies, few had social problems, could not concentrate, few were slow learners, but the school teachers had no time for individual attention to these kids.  The next step was tuitions on Sundays for selected lot of students, who were taught by the Senior kids.  This model then took shape into regular daily classes for trust students who were located in nearby locality  & the senior students would coach them after their College hours (in the evenings).  There was no mandatory fees for coaching, but based of affordability of the parents, they could contribute.  The senior students were compensated from the fees amount, which was seen as an earning potential by the Senior students, ensuring their regular interests & not deviating into other activities after college hours.  This also brought the pressure to perform with the Senior students all doing excellently well in their academics.
Maithri Education Centre, started 2 years back with around 11 students, 3 senior students who came to teach.  This year the strength has grown to almost 60 students, with 13 Senior Students (5 of them are able to spare time only on Sundays) to coach.  Most of the students are from Socially weaker class, they are very comfortable interacting the young people who coach them. The seniors also monitor each & every student, discuss their strengths, areas of improvement & even provide them with valuable advice in their daily life.  Even the Senior students are confident about their livelihood after studies, as they develop Entrepreneurship qualities.  
Shri.Shreedar, Founder Trustee of Maithri Trust himself loves to spend  few hours teaching  to the Kids at Maithri Educational Centre

Maithri Model Examination 2012-13

Maithri Model Examination , conceptualized by Maithri Trust students at Maithri Educational Centre, under the mentorship of Shri.R.Shreedhar, founder Trustee of Maithri Trust, enters the 4th Year in 2012-13. These Model Examinations are mainly conducted for the students who are preparing to appear for the Board Examinations in Std 10th  & Std 12th , also Std 11th who will be facing their common exams.  The model exams are designed in similar lines to the Board Exams, mock Question papers & Answer sheets resembling the ones made available to them during the exams. These model exams help the students to overcome the fear due to board exams, the methodology of the exams themselves. These exams are conducted on Sundays three months prior to the Board Exams. The students feedback about these exams is that it has reduced their exam fear and manage time more efficiently. These exams have been beneficial for the students to identify their areas of improvement. The exams for the academic year 2012-2013 is scheduled from 23rd of December. We wish to succeed this year also.  The Model Exams are for Maithri Trust & Maithri Educational Centre students till this point of time.
Both the initiative’s  are  For the Students, By the Students, Of The Students’  
To know more about Shri. R.Shreedar, Founder Trustee, Matithri Trust & the activities. Pls. do  visit  www.maithricharity.org 
View Maithri Trusts Annual Report  here - Consolidated Annual Report 2009-2012

Jai Bharat.....Vande Mataram

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