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IAS Quota-Hindu By Law, Christian by Faith- the Way Forward

Pranaam, Bharathvaasi, for the last 3 days i have questioned all my friends, acquaintance, n tweeted on this subject, everyone seems to be silent, no answers available. Can we seriously understand that this is a very important phenomenon which has erupted, convert for status and money, reconvert for Quota, when someone exposes, everyone is lost for answers, even the best of legal luminaries.
Searching for answers i questioned a lot of elder Govt. Staff, they say this is the way of life in cornering Quotas.

My post below is about instances from the day of suspension to the day of reinstatement of service. The sequence is very clear, this IAS officer writes to All India Confederation of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Organisations and they have supported him. But this officer plainly says his faith is with Jesus, then he deserves to be punished for the bogus certificate,maybe.  Request all legal luminaries to comment and take action on such people who are misusing the Quota regime. Quota is to help the deprived, socially and thereby economically, but such Umashankers seem to have planned their progress through system of deceit. Should We allow abdicate them of mis-using the system?

TN government suspends IAS officer Umashankar -22 Jul 2010 03:38:51 AM IST

According to highly placed sources, the action was taken for reportedly producing a fake community certificate while joining duty. Sources also said that the Central government and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) have been informed about the suspension. His office was also taken over by another officer by Wednesday afternoon.
When contacted, Umashankar, a 1991 batch IAS officer, declined comment. Umashankar said he was yet to see the orders. Being a government servant, it was not proper for him to discuss it with media, he added.

‘Karunanidhi family, government harassing me’-27 Jul 2010 03:42:33 AM IST
Suspended IAS officer C Umashankar has moved the National Commission for SC/ST in New Delhi, to protect him from the illegal harassment by the Tamil Nadu government, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s family and the powerful Maran brothers, who are closely related to the CM.

Suspension of Umashankar condemned 02 Aug 2010
 “Why was C Umashankar suspended? Was it because that he was honest? Was it because that he denied contracts for the family of Chief Minister of the State and for the ruling DMK politicians” are a few questions among the number of questions raised by the Central and State Government SC/ST Employees Federation.

'Action against Umashankar not vindictive' 07 Aug 2010
The Tamil Nadu government on Friday sought to dismiss allegations by AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalithaa of “vindictive action” against IAS officer C Umashankar, saying that action was taken against the bureaucrat following allegations that he grabbed the privileges of a Dalit by producing a false caste certificate to join the civil service.

Revoke IAS officer’s suspension: SC/ST body 15 Aug 2010
The All India Confederation of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Organisations asked the State government to revoke the suspension of Dalit IAS officer C Umashankar immediately.
Dr Udit Raj, national chairman of the confederation, told Express here on Saturday that the State government is deliberately victimising the Dalit officer 

Umashankar back in saddle 03 Sep 2010
The State government on Thursday night revoked the suspension of senior IAS officer C Umashankar and posted him as managing director of Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation (TANSI). Umashankar was suspended on July 21, while he was functioning as the Commissioner of Small Savings, on charges of producing a fake community certificate to join the IAS two decades ago.
When contacted, Umashankar said, "The victory goes to Jesus Christ. I have put my full faith in Jesus Christ and the Lord has delivered me from the crisis. I thank all the newspapers, especially the New Indian Express, which stood by my side at the time of crisis. I thank all the Dalit organisations, Left parties, AIADMK and the PMK for supporting my cause."

Umashankar dares to prove charges against him 04 Sep 2010
Giving details about his community certificate, Umashankar said until he completed his SSLC, he was known as C Asoke and his caste was Pallan (Scheduled Caste). But in 1984, his father got him reconverted to Hinduism with the name Umashankar. “All legal processes have been done and my reconversion was notified in the Gazettee as well,” he said and pointed out that only the UPSC or the Government of India can refer my community certificate for clarification and not the State government because I am not an employee of the State government. The SC had laid down clear-cut rulings in this regard.” He also observed his community certificate was verified twice before and after he assumed charge as an IAS officer and the UPSC had found it valid.

Stating that even today, an inquiry was going on in his native (Tirunelveli), he said a senior leader in the State directed one of the committee members to give a report against him. However, he declined to reveal the name of the leader.

Umashankar said he was given very short notice - just three days - to physically present himself before the inquiry panel and warned that an ex-parte decision would be taken if he failed to do so. As long as the committee’s proceedings were against the law, he would not attend it,
Umashankar said. “By law, I am a Hindu till now. But by faith, I am Christian. The transformation took place two years ago when I faced a crisis,” he clarified.  Asked whether it was right to approach political parties being a government servant, he stoutly denied it saying, “I did not approach any political party and their statements supporting me were spontaneous.”
Coutesy: NIE website: - Search 'Umashanker'

In the First message Umashankar is shy of the media, mentions that he cannot divulge anything due to his status as Central Govt. Servant, lets accept he is a straight forward person, he has hurt the sentiments of Hindus in this nation and also cornered the reservations available for SC/ST being from Christian.
Would not have written about this, but this will set a trend in all the converts to reconvert, corner all the benefits of SC/ST and then say faith is important. I also want YOU to Comment on this incidence...
Jai Hind.....Vande Mataram


  1. Hello Sir,
    That was a good write-up, but how sure can we be of what's being portrayed? Seems likely though, like you say, that Umashankar has misused the Quote system for his benefit. Nevertheless, assuming he is the honest & upright IAS officer that he claims to be, it is imperative that he be reinstated.

  2. Apologise for not getting deeper into the subject earlier when you prompted it.

    To begin with, this is blatant perjury on the part of Umashankar. In effect, he has utilized all ex-gratia benefits pertinent to Hindus, SC/STs and Christians alike for personal gains. This is somewhat similar to, I am told, in the Gulf countries that when a Hindu/Christian is jailed, his sentence gets commuted to bare minimum or even released from Prison if converted to Islam! Umashankar has done exactly the same.

    Yes, Umashankar has to be punished, his services revoked, his pension dismissed and if possible, all earnings by way of this particular job recovered. His perjury has cost the job of another innocent man of merit. No way should he be pardoned. For a man who can change his faith so many times for personal benefits, he not only discredits a Faith, but also belittles the Indian Constitution. PUNISH is the verdict!

  3. I don't understand how can he be considered a Christ if he follows Jesus. The very nature of Hinduism never denies anyone from following his own faith. In my views he is still a Hindu who worships Jesus


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