Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hindu by Law, Christian by faith- His own words

In this post thought I wanted to share the mail transcripts with Shri. Umashankar, IAS the officer whose reinstatement to service has brought joy to all Corruption crusaders also to the evangelist who view that this is Jesus Christ's victory...
I requested for Shri.Umashankar's permission to reproduce the mail transcripts and has agreed to the same...

From: Umashankar IAS., [] 
Sent: 05 September 2010 00:14
To: S.Ranganaathan
Subject: Re: Your stand

Dear Mr.Ranganaathan,
I have the liberty to change my faith anytime. 
If you ask any Tiruvarur man, he / she will say that the large temple tank was cleaned by me in the history of the town. 
But right now I believe in Jesus who has rescued me when I was going down after the ELCOT transfer. I feel that I am alive today because of Him. 
Today Jesus shares the secrets of future with me. I have no worries in the face of serious problems because of Him. 
So why make a fuss. 
And I have a right to remain in the IAS because there is no bar on such change of faith. 
Apologies if I have hurt your sentiments. 
C.Umashankar IAS., (TamilNadu Cadre)
e-governance Specialist
Chennai, Tamilnadu
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On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 9:57 PM, S.Ranganaathan <> wrote:
Dear Mr.Umashankar,
At the outset I would like to congratulate you on the fight against corruption raj, which you have as I follow the news and otherwise,have a clean slate.
There is something disturbing in the last two days, Firstly on Wednesday when your suspension was revoked, I was happy at the news as an straight forward officer has been reinstated. But your press statements for the last two days have been disturbing.
You are setting  a trend wherein conversion from Hindu to Christian will be for opportunities but retaining the faith. You claim that in 1984 you converted to Santana Dharma (Hindu), but now you claim that’s for legal requirements, your job, promotions, and status for not getting thrown out. But you inform that your faith is with Christ.
Sir, with honor pls. say that you are a Christian, we will accept you as a straight forward, uncorrupted IAS officer, but to claim the benefits of deprived society & to have faith in Christ is even a insult of Christ… You are also hurting all the Hindus who have not converted even after being pressurized.
I believe as a straight forward officer if your faith is with Christ, you have done wrong to use the Quota, so it would be apt to resign from your present position. To fight corruption, you can make public your grievances and sure the society will accept you.
Let better sense prevail, and may Lord Jesus give you the strength to be true… 

Pls. comment on this issue, this is the trend in Tamizhnadu, which is going to change the equation against Hindu's...Jai Hind ..Vande Mataram


  1. Sir, Mr. Umashankar says it all in his reply to you. His open rebuke of the constitution leaves me in consternation. For an IAS Officer, he has in fact shown the intricate means and measures one can adopt for career elevation banking on the constitutional liberty permitted thereupon. In short, he is a man of no faith except for blind career upgrading at the cost of anything, even his dignity, if he has any. Dignity is not non-corruption alone. He may be an honest officer, but that does not absolve him of the means he has achieved what he is now by utilizing the loop holes available in the constitution. This is a precedent for many others to follow. Whatever his justification, he has insulted Hindu Faith, Christian Faith and above all the Indian Constitution. He should be demobilized from office without remuneration.

  2. Tathagata Mukherjee8 September 2010 at 23:19

    Its most shameful what Umashankar has done-in simple words, its stealing jobs meant for deprived section of society.

    The root cause behind Kandhamal riots was same-converted Pana were stealing jobs, land of tribal kandhas.

    There is no rule of law in India and Congress will never act against these black sheep elements from minority community.

    Its even more pathetic because he works in IAS cadre.

  3. thx for the Prashanthji &Thatagataji, what is etching at my mind is the words 'Today Jesus shares the secrets of future with me. I have no worries in the face of serious problems because of Him.'- so what does that mean?? Will this person not be executing his duty by listening to his inner voice, which of course is Jesus as he himself mentions. Then will all his actions be righteous & according to the needs of the office he holds, by cheating.

  4. I don't understand how can he be considered a Christ if he follows Jesus. The very nature of Hinduism never denies anyone from following his own faith. In my views he is still a Hindu who worships Jesus

  5. "I don't understand how can he be considered a Christ if he follows Jesus. The very nature of Hinduism never denies anyone from following his own faith. In my views he is still a Hindu who worships Jesus"

    Then your opinion is wrong and ignorant.

    Instead of yapping gibberish, start reading here what Christians have done to Pagans since their inception:

    The Passion of the Greeks: Christianity and the Rape of the Hellenes

    They have the same fate in store for us and ignorant nincompoops like you want to make a mockery of Dharma as it suits your fancies.

  6. Very disturbing.

    I felt groggy and had blurred vision for a few seconds after reading this.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Hindus are OK with anyone following any faith. The blogger's letter to Umashankar also mentions that.

    Hindus are NOT OK with Christians stealing jobs meant for deprived Hindus, and that is the point being made.

  8. Hindu worshiping Jesus has no meaning as it does not explain following fundamental theological issues:

    1) Hinduism is not a dogma as no Hindu god says *you r either with me or against me*

    2) Jesus does not appear in any Hindu Purana/Itihasa

    3) No Jesus preacher will tolerate worshipping Jesus with prana pratishta puja etc. Jesus preachers will deem such worshippers as calimed by Satan. In fact, Church heavily condemns anyone who dares to think that there are gods other than Jesus. Proof: Don.M.Mazzoleni, the vatican priest

    4) Jesus preachers will never accept Karma concept. They wud rather tell that if a rapist or mindless serial killer prays to Him, he will be pardoned & sent to heaven

  9. Dear Mr Umasankar, You have adherence to any faith. Conversation is no verse of Religion. Lord Jesus did not like this. Because in the holy Bible it is written: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. Mathew 23:15


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