Sunday, 29 August 2010

Where is Opposition??

This week was filled with mixed news on highly emotional issues like TOI news which really hurt lots of Hindus, Home minister blabbering about 'Saffron Terrorism' at the meetings of top Police officers in the country, then addressing the same audience our PM mentioned about 'Non State Actors' involved in India. Both the PM and HM seems to have some agenda when they uttered these words, its not a natural utterance, but planned words properly placed in front of an apt audience.  Now in tandem the TN CM mentioned while meeting police officials, that they should ensure that no one should complain of police excess since elections were around the corner and opposition was playing mischief against his Govt.  Well something extraordinary happened, the whole media beamed the crown prince Raul's visit to Odisha to address the tribals, denying Vedanta group mining at the same time projecting himself as the saviour of the tribals.  Well the media discussed the whole issue in length for days.  Even BDutt made her intentions very clear by supporting the separatist, stifling the voice of Nationalist Kashmiris. All these and few more things of course the Spice Bollywood covered by media.  
But no media reported on the ongoing intrusion of china in Gilgit-Balitastan bordering LOC, of course invited by their partners in progress Pakistan and an vital area of concern for our Nation. Today Dada mentioned this on tweet and thanks to Sathyabhasham for the link, i will re produce a portion of the article in Forbes.
When India tested nuclear bombs in 1998, its leaders hailed it as some sort of a scarecrow that would deter its enemies from adopting aggressive designs. But ironically, the last 12 years have seen an increase in hostility against India. Its sphere of influence has shrunk as neighbours yield to the Chinese temptation. Amorphous, boundary-less terrorist networks have become powerful adversaries in their own right. Naxal violence has removed any semblance of governance in wide areas and home-grown Jihadists are proliferating. The problems are too many but there is no clarity on what long-term strategies the government has developed to face them. Here are seven worst-case scenarios that India must prepare for, though some are low probability. 
Courtesy: Forbes India Magazine : 

 A must read article, which elaborates on the dangers our Nation is currently facing internally and externally. Chinese/Pak intrusion in North West, Maoist menace, Fundamentalist gaining prominence in Kerala et al. The Congress party which is in power for the last 7 yrs has allowed disintegration of governance. There seems to be no strategy the Govt. is following. The media which all along claims they are secular and report issues of importance have not bothered to highlight the China Pak tie up and infiltration, but is very keen to report on 'Saffron Terror', 'Azad Kashmir', 'Raul as Avata' but not anything about the Chinese plans..Even the BJP seems to be inclined to silence on almost all issues. They are fast loosing on the opportunity to question the ruling party and the Govt on its follies. The Nationalist spirit seems to be diminishing within the BJP, they are mimicking the Cong these days. So without an strong opposition and a media which is at the feet of the Cong masters, UPA-2 may get away with destroying the fabric of this country.. Pray all our Nationalist brethren join hands to form an opposition...Jai Hind ...Vande Mataram 

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  1. Sir, your dissertation, contents of which borders on a criticality never before felt honestly gives me the creeps. It is unimaginable that a Union Govt sits aplomb with least bit of concern of what is and could happen in our borders on one side and internally on the other side. They have chosen to predominantly highlight, with all the affection and assistance of the diminutive Media, Raul Babas gimmicks, Sonia Gandhi's royalty, Congress's legacy, Muslim's eternal suffering, Kashmir's dilemma, Saffron Terror so on and so forth. The Country is on the brink of external incursion, internal chaos, Islamic terror out in the open, mammoth scams and shameful scandals aplenty and yet Union Govt is obsequious ipso facto! The quote "Nero is dancing when Rome is burning" would be the apt oxymoron to credit UPA2 with.

    The scenario is chilling. I feel a utter sense of helplessness in not being able to do anything at all other than but write in tweets or otherwise. I too had posted a link on Chinese aggression found from the Economist earlier in the day to you and fellow tweeters.

    And hastening our frustration is the casual approach of BJP. Here lies an opportunity being granted by UPA2 on a platter and till date BJP has essentially failed to capitalize on it. Therefore, in the absence of a strong opposition, a partisan media and a hugely divided Hindu community, yes, the sanctified fabric of this country, our country is being gradually destroyed.

    I pray too that all our Nationalist brethren wake up sooner than later and join hands to liberate ourselves and our Country from these anti-national, anti-hindu elements.

    Jai Hind....Vande Mataram!


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