Wednesday, 16 April 2014

NaMo, Bollywood & reactions.

For a few days now, there is huge outcry in Tamilnadu. This started last 13th April 2014 when Shri.Narendra Bhai Modi was expected to address a public meeting in AM Jain College, Meenambakkam. That evening after landing in Chennai Shri. Narendra Bhai Modi, visited the house of Shri.Rajinikanth, ‘SuperStar’ of Tamil cinema. The meeting was a mutual one of friendship, which was explained by Rajini. Something in Social Media shocked everyone, almost 3 Lakh ‘Like’ for the picture in FaceBook. And that too in a couple of hours.
Next 16th April 2014, in Salem Shri.Narendra Bhai Modi shared dias with his NDA alliance partner Thiru.Vijaykanth. And later in the evening the social media was flooded with pictures of Actor Vijay( Known as Thalapati ) meeting Shri.Narendra Bhai Modi in Coimbatore.
There are mixed reactions, scores of educated blasted me saying that Shri Narendra Bhai need not have mixed with these Bollywood stars. Few even said its Shri. Narendra Bhai who instructed for all these meetings. Few even said that Shri. Narendra Bhai wanted to meet all Southern Cine Artists. Even Actor Vijay’s meeting news mention that he was asked by Shri. Narendra Bhai  to meet him.
Well, if due to meeting all this actor’s there is traction in voting, then WHY NOT?, Who so ever has advised Shri. Narendra Bhai to meet these actors, publish pictures in Social Media, if there is positive result then ‘WHY NOT’?
The educated polity does not understand that there are huge perceptions. Rajini, Vijay have a following & it they can be converted to votes for NDA/BJP candidates, Shri. Narendra Bhai Modi will help.

Conclusion : All the Stars of Bollywood will only benefit from meeting Shri. Narendra Bhai Modi. Their Picture sessions will help them in their career. #NaMo is unbeatable. 

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  1. I agree..spclly.whn u sd..if thre is +ve response..why not..arnt ths stars Indians..


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