Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bandh in Bharath- Do we require them??

Tomorrow the BJP has announced Bharat Bandh-maybe a few states will call for total closure of its establishments. The bandh is attributed towards fuel price increase by the Government. But it is quite surprising that Bandh which was a mainstream affair by the Congress movement against erstwhile British empire has lost its effect on the common man. The common man 37% of them BPL & the rest of the working class depending on daily wages will be at loss. Who will compensate these families? Political parties are only announcing Bandh's to earn coverage in MSM media, mostly which is suppressed by the current English MSM's.
Our Nation is getting nowhere with Bandh & Hartals, our political party leaders who are all old enough to quit, should think better to create opinion against Government policies. Is there no other alternative, in Japan protest was overworking, hence additional production. Our political leaders have to understand that these Bandh's are only hardship's on millions of public who are out at work, travelling through the country on their official line of work. Millions of labourers would not earn their daily wages, leading to loss of their basic Roti. Indirectly the Government also looses revenue which in turn translates to higher prices. Even the BJP once in while wakes up to inflation, they need to evolve an study paper to reduce inflation, corner the Government with fool proof plans instead of enforcing hardships on common man. No political party has any roadmap for better governance which can bring down inflation, boost agriculture, instead everyone wishes to take on the other with Bandh's. Pity for Bharath Vaasi.... Wake up Bharath Vaasi and challenge this vacuum in Governance. 

Comments are welcome.. Jai Hind .. Jai Bharath..

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