Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bharath -Why are we not united???

This is my First every posting on my blog. Very disturbing events in our Nation prompted this event, better late than never.
What has happened to our Democracy, everyday we wake up to the news channel-Sickular Media, blaring out scams of Political activist's, Ministers involved in scam & one channel is always on time with Spice Route-about Bollywood. In contrast 3 decades back the morning 7.15 AIR news was very important & the regular dose of Express, which gave a good insight into current affairs. We have enabled technology, our economy has grown well & growing. MNC & new opportunities are immense with a good chunk of this generation getting into decent employment. Capitalism has created lots of opportunity for the citizens of our Nation, with a sizeable of them acquiring enterprises abroad. Our Nation has turned Global, participating in Global economic development.
But I find change in our attitude towards our Nation, its values degenerating to aping Western culture, practise & customs, accelerating in the last 2 decades... 
An astonishing fact of the breadth of our country’s political map was till early 20th century was 76,56,000 Sq KMs and today we will also be astonished to know that our country is at a stretch of only 31,59,450 Sq KMs that means less than half of its size then where did the other land go? During the Mogul and Church rule i.e., British rule we have lost our land because today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet till Amod were our parts which we have lost and today we are left over with less than half of our land, why do you think this happened like this, it was because of our ethic less politicians since ages and till date, and you may be aware that in spite of victory over Pakistan war in 1971 we had to leave a part of our land to them why did it happen that way, the conversions were started during Mogul and British rule on this land and still after the so called Independence we are unable to stop their conspiracies why? 
Is it because of gullible citizens, then what are the others doing? A nation whose area was called a continent - dviipa had been reduced to fragments of state's based on language during independence, later fragmentation of the citizens into religious & caste based, wherein ensured Non-Unity. A surprising fact is that we adopted Hindi as our National language, but many states opposed, particularly in South leading to polarisation of the citizens.. Sanskrit the language which gave everything to the world, is known to only a handful few...though we can take pride in One rural village speaking in Sanskrit..
Sanskrit, or Samskrita, is the primary tongue of the villagers inMattur, or Mathur Village in Karnataka. The village, which is around 10 km from Shimoga, having been making sure that the ancient language flourishes in their village.

Leave these thoughts with you & comment on this posting...Hope to keep updating my post regularly with discussions on Nationalist agenda... Vande Mataram..Jai Hind

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  1. you are right... hindus r ourselves to be blamed 4 what we are now


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